Friday, 2 December 2011

Characteristic university student possess to be successful.

     Student in this world have their own life and among of them would have a different life.They attitudes,personality and background is have a different way that they would to be successful student.In a world that is constantly advancing,we are exposed with all sorts of latest successful and knowdledge.These sources are blooming like mushroom after the rain.The question is;How a good student have to be successful?  
    First and foremost,good student is must have a good attitudes at environment in campus.when student in a clas,they must respect each other with friends and lecturer.If have a seminar or activities that have had to do,student must have to coma because this is will make student to be a good dicipline.
    As we all know,to have successful student must have time to actives in sports and cocuriculum.In cocuriculum,have many types that will be increased in their cocuriculum.This is can helps to get a good pointer and easy to get a job after have a graduate.
    Last but not least,student must have a good communication with other people.Student must communicated with other people because its easy to get any information.After that,communication also can helps student to seacrh many friend that can helps anything if their have a problem.
    In a nutshell,I am favour that student should think about their good characteristic in its education system for the many benefits to equip our future generation to become successful student.